Saturday Savvy – How to Fix EnumCalendarExEx

Earlier this year, Microsoft pushed an update to Windows XP computers running Office 2010. This resulted in the error message shown below.

The error message seen above.

Clicking OK will result in a message stating that Outlook needs to close. It then shows again twice after pressing OK.

This is NOT a bug with the software, it is a bug within the update. Recently, the Chinese calendar changed to a new format, and Outlook doesn’t know how to process the new calendar that is coded with the older calendar into the program in 2009, when the program was released to manufacturing, resulting in a total failure of the program and in fact, ALL of Office.

No need to panic, as there is a way to fix this. This can be fixed by going to Start>Run and then typing in appwiz.cpl (Exactly) and ticking the “Show updates” checkbox at the top right. Next, go all the way down to Office 2010 and select this update “KB4462172” – which is notorious for this bug. Press OK to begin the removal, and then press OK to finish the setup.

You should now be able to open Outlook or the corresponding program within Office 2010.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Although Office 2010 is still supported through at least 2020, Windows XP’s support was ended on April 8, 2014. You are STRONGLY recommended to upgrade to Windows 10.

TEMPORARY FIX – This update will keep getting put back on, so this means you have to either ignore the update, or keep uninstalling it.

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