Coronavirus Update – How we are protecting our customers

TUESDAY MARCH 10 2020 – 5:30 PM EDT –

As you might’ve heard, the coronavirus has now spread into our state. And also issued a State of Emergency. But what about our company? This past weekend, we have completely deep cleaned the entire headquarters, specifically our kitchen and laundry room.

After careful consideration, we are placing our site in a coronavirus mode, which means the home page will be replaced with a post with resources on the coronavirus. WCT Timer’s links will be moved to a new home ( while we go in a special mode for this serious virus.

The virus will probably affect our headquarters, so be prepared for unexpected downtime. Heliohost, if you are reading this, please DO NOT ARCHIVE my site, I will be away due to this serious situation.

Anyways, to recap, our headquarters has been deep cleaned this weekend, and will be cleaned every hour to contain this virus, and our site will go into coronavirus mode starting tonight at 8pm.

Stay tuned for further updates.

Founded in 1998, WCT has been making software for users like you! Timers, calculators, you name it! We have been involved in the Super Bowl since 1998, and will continue to do that.

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