Phase 2 and WCT: How we are protecting you this holiday weekend

The Coronavirus has officially backed off for NC, for now. Because of this, Phase 2 will go into effect starting Friday May 22, at 5pm EDT. This means that everything except bars and gyms will be open, but at a reduced capacity. What does this mean for Add-On Bar?

We have placed several contingencies for everyones safety.

  1. Cleaned at hurricane force with Simple Green pro d 5 disinfectant.
  2. Checking everyone’s temp at the top of the hour.
  3. Opening our dining rooms at a reduced capacity
  4. Providing a convenient walk up service
  5. Closing at earlier times
  6. Using paper menus and other disposable products.

Add-On Bar will be open this Memorial Day, but at reduced capacity, as ordered by NC Governor Roy Cooper.

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