Since 1998, we have been developing software for users like you. Follow along to see who we are.

Bryce Monaghan

Bryce has been the main developer of the programs you see and interact since 2013. As you can see, I am the only one working for the company. When Bryce does not have time coding around, he takes breaks to help with chores around the house, or even go for a roadtrip.

But, how did he make up the name?

WDLC is short for the callsign “Wait, Dad Likes Casey?”, meaning for a radio station. It was supposed to be for a future relocation, but due to budget cuts and other hardships, it had to be cut. It has renamed to WCT, which means “WildCat”.

And, where on Earth is this place?

It is located in a small town named Erwin. No need to proceed further, but we call our headquarters home. I work from my bedroom, typing at 32 words per minute.

Is there a way to get in touch with them?

Of course! Click here to get in touch with us. Replies will be made during normal business hours.

And finally, what is this company anyways?

WCT makes software for users like you! Timers, browsers, and even speech programs is what we speak. For more info, head on over to our products page, located here.