Our Products

During the 21 years of existence, we have made several applications to make work, play and even shopping more better. Some programs are archived and are in a special place, which is located here.

WDLC All-In-One Timer (Shortcode WDLCT) is an application that combines five timers into one large application! Our special LaGuardia timer (Known as break timer in the application) merges with a regular timer, an alarm clock, a stopwatch, and soon, a shutdown timer.

COPYRIGHT INFORMATION: Some content found in these applications are not designed by us, but designed by a third party company. The copyright info is provided below for your convenience.

The Clock icon is property of Twitter Inc. All rights reserved.

Breaktime over sound is from Legends of the Hidden Temple. Copyright Nick Inc. All rights reserved.

Minwarn sound is from a stock audio, recorded in 2005.